About me

So who am I?

On the surface, I’m a 24-year old, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and currently living in Toronto. I’m an ambitious health-care professional, a bit of a science nerd, and fascinated about the human body and modern medicine. I’m also a ballerina in my free time, and I’ve been passionate about dancing for as long as I can remember.  I’m also a big advocate for the healthy and fit lifestyle.

And why am I writing this blog?

Truth is, like most people from my generation, I’m still trying to unravel the mystery of who I am myself. What I do know however, is that having left home at the age of 18 and starting a brand new life for myself in a city (and country) where I had no family and/or friends was the single most challenging, yet rewarding, moment of my life. Without consciously realizing it at the time, that was the moment that I became an expat, a citizen of the world, a multi-local, and my personal favourite, a decision-maker of my own life.

This blog isn’t supposed to be in any way similar to a personal diary, nor an autobiography. But I do know that my journey has been a rather unique one, and I’m hoping that by sharing some of those thoughts and experiences I’ve had along the way, I can better understand how I got here, who I am today (whoever that person may be), and where I’m heading to. And hey, if I manage to inspire or entertain you along the way, then I’ll be content too!

Please enjoy my website until it’s not fun anymore. Send me an email if you wish. Thank you for visiting!